Pilot Decision-Making Workshop

The Pilot Decision-Making Workshop is a monthly meeting of pilots to discuss decision making on the ground and in the air. Pilots of any experience level, from student to ATPL, are welcome.

Each workshop starts with a video scenario in which a pilot gets into difficulty in-flight. The video presents a set of choices on what to do next. We have a group discussion, listen to an expert opinion, and then hear a “hangar discussion” of experienced pilots. The scenario and supporting discussions are based on the Pilot Workshop IFR and VFR Mastery series, but we ensure that the chosen scenario is understandable and useful for all pilots. The majority of our group is not instrument rated.

We also watch and discuss two or three aviation-related videos from various sources.

Where: Zoom
When: First Wednesday of the month, 7pm Eastern Time; meetings are about 2 hours long
Cost: Thanks to the generosity of COPA Flight 26, there is no cost to attend, and no requirement to be a member of COPA or COPA Flight 26.

If you are interested in attending and joining our mailing list send an email to flighttwentysix@gmail.com

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